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Pasta with seafood: recipes and cooking rules


Pasta recipe with seafood in tomato sauce

Pasta with seafood and soy sauce

Synthesis for pasta with seafood in creamy sauce

Spaghetti in spicy creamy garlic sauce

Pasta in sour cream sauce with seafood

Italian seafood pasta

Pasta with seafood and pesto sauce

Pasta with shrimp with bostail sauce

Seafood cocktail with pasta and cream with mushrooms

Italian is ready to eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner۔ Not surprisingly, there are more than a dozen recipes for this dish, but even more۔ More than 30 types of pasta are known, and they don't have to talk about sauce and filling options۔ Here are some seafood pasta recipes۔ Domestic women will be offered several options for the sauce at once۔ Step-by-step statements for them will avoid difficulties in the cooking process۔

Pasta recipe with seafood in tomato sauce

Everyone can boil spaghetti or other pasta۔ But such a blended dish is unlikely to affect anyone's taste۔ Serving them with seafood and tomato sauce is a very different matter۔ Pasta will shine with new colors and give a pleasant taste experience۔ To cook, you can use either frozen sea cocktails or crabs, squid, pants, etc۔

The recipe for seafood pasta in tomato sauce includes the following steps:

Seafood Kakil (500 g) slowly melts۔ To do this, move it to the bottom shelf of the fridge hours before the start of cooking۔

Tomatoes (2 pcs. ) Planted with boiling water and peeled from pre-cut۔ Using Blender, tomatoes become mashed۔

Chopped onions and garlic (2 cloves) Lent in olive oil۔ After 3 minutes, add pure, dry basil of tomatoes (½ numbers ) and tomato paste (2 tablespoons)۔ Dry white wine (130 ml) is inserted next. The sauce is mixed, salted and pepper for taste۔

Cover the pan with a lid for 15 minutes۔ The finished sauce is removed for a while from the heat۔

A sea cocktail is fried in a separate pan in olive oil۔ After 5 minutes, the liquid emitted from the seafood is dried, and the crabs, couplings and other gifts are transferred to the tomato sauce themselves۔

Last but not least, pre-cooked spaghetti (300 g) is added to the sauce. Within a minute, the dish warms up on medium heat, stirring and served۔

Pasta with seafood and soy sauce

The next dish will not take more than 30 minutes to cook۔ According to this prescription, it is recommended that money be cooked with seafood only from crabs and muscles (200 g each with ) ، Which are sold frozen in any supermarket۔

The following step-by-step cooking is:

Frozen shrimp and muscles are laid in a pre-made pan and 80 ml of water is poured۔

Boil spaghetti until cooked in boiling water with salt according to the instructions on the package۔

The molten and half-cooked seafood is excreted and cleaned in a land۔

A tablespoon of vegetable oil is heated in a pan۔ The seafood is kept in it and the garlic is fried with pepper for 2 minutes۔

Soy sauce for seafood (2 tablespoons ) is inserted in a pan۔Spaghetti is added after another 1 minute۔ The dish is mixed and placed on the plates۔

When serving, spaghetti is sprinkled with cheese and finely chopped red basil۔

Synthesis for pasta with seafood in creamy sauce

Want to learn how to make a delicious dinner in just 20 minutes؟ Then take a look at the following seafood pasta prescriptions۔ In addition to seafood, cream is an important sauce component for this dish. The result is a juicy pasta with the best taste۔

Pasta in a creamy sauce is made in the same order:

Long pasta (250 g) is boiled in salt water۔

Default seafood (500 g) is inserted into a separate vessel of boiling water for literally 3 minutes۔

In a pan, melt 100 g of butter۔ The seafood is in it and fried for exactly 2 minutes۔ Next, a glass of cream (20 ٪) is inserted, Provencal herbs (1 tablespoon) and salt are added۔

After 5 minutes, the seafood sauce has a ready-made pasta calf, and the dish will be ready after another 60 seconds۔

Spaghetti in spicy creamy garlic sauce

An amazingly delicious dish can be prepared with a wonderful taste as per the following instructions۔ Seafood pasta with cream, basil and light garlic scent can't help but please۔ Meanwhile, cooking a dish is not annoying at all۔

First you need to boil water in the saucepan, add salt and cook the spaghetti until half cooked (300 g)۔

Put butter in the pan (20 grams) and vegetable oil (1 number), garlic (2 cloves ) and onion pumpkin۔

Add cream (250 ml) in vegetable mixture, add nutmeg, basil, salt, pepper۔

At this point, prepare a seafood. Cut the squid (150 g) into the thumbs and send a creamy mixture۔ Then add open shrimp (250 grams) and puppet (150 g) in the pan۔

Cook the seafood sauce in the cream for 8 minutes۔ Finally, add grated parmesan (100 g) to the sauce.

The ripe spaghetti is re-established in the collander and then returned to the pot۔ The sauce is placed above and mixed with pasta۔

Pasta in sour cream sauce with seafood

Do you like pasta and have already tried all the famous cooking recipes؟ Pasta with seafood and sour cream sauce is just what you need۔ The dish turned out to be a lot of swamps, but not too much in calories, so it's suitable for lunch and dinner۔ And it's very easily developed:

Boil the pasta until tender۔

At the same time, a sauce is being prepared in a pan۔ First, onions and garlic are fried in sunflower oil until soft۔

Then seafood is added۔ Paced's pound, shrimp and squid are fried for 7 minutes۔ Then, open cream in a pan (60 ml ), salt, pepper and a spoonful of flour are already poured into the air۔ After 30 seconds, the sauce is ready.

Pasta is placed on plates and poured with sour cream sauce۔ Sprinkle with cheese and basil if you want۔

Italian seafood pasta

Do you want to go to the Mediterranean coast؟ If you can't afford to travel to Italy right now, at least visit a gastrointestinal tract for this country۔ You can easily make Italian seafood pasta۔ The instructions are presented for your attention below:

First, a vessel of water is placed on the stove, in which pasta (250 g) is sent to boil after boiling۔

Currently, finely chopped garlic cloves are placed in a pan with (2 pcs) olive oil (20 ml)۔ As soon as the fragrance of the feature appears, you begin to fry the seafood (250 g)۔

After 2 minutes, tomatoes from fresh tomatoes (200 ml ) are added to the flower pan, and as soon as it boils slightly ، Cream is inserted with fat content of 20 ((300 ml)۔ The sauce is salty and the taste and pepper۔

Ready pasta is a little thick sauce۔Better serve the dish with parsman and herbs۔

Pasta with seafood and pesto sauce

The next dish has turned out not only tasty, but also healthy۔ It uses zucchini, spicy pesto sauce, seafood and juicy cherry tomatoes۔ And most importantly, it's all full of heavy cream۔ The result is very juicy seafood pasta۔ And the recipe for dishes consists of only a few steps:

Chopped zucchini is fried in olive oil۔ You don't have to cook it until the tender۔ Zachini should be crispy۔

Cream (200 ml) is inserted into a pan and a spoon of pesto sauce is added۔ Once the mixture warms well, you can lay a pre-open shrimp and washed muscles (100 grams each )۔

The sauce is prepared for 3-4 minutes. After that, it includes cheese (100 g). Once it melts, you can remove the pan from the heat۔

The finished sauce is inserted into a soup pan with pasta۔

Meanwhile, half of the cherry tomatoes are fried in olive oil of (100 grams)۔ Once they are slightly soft, add them to the main course and stir۔

Pasta with shrimp with bostail sauce

The recipe for the following dish is incredibly simple۔

First, pasta (400 grams), preferably spotty or phytocan, is boiled until tender۔

At the same time, bouchamel sauce is being prepared۔ Its butter, butter (40 g) melts in the pan and flour (40 g) is fried until golden brown۔ Then a glass of milk is poured and, with constant stir, a sauce is made for pasta with seafood۔ As directed, it should be just a little thick۔

As soon as the sauce is made, you start roasting shrimp (200 g) in perfumed garlic oil with herbs ( oregano, basil )۔

Cooked pasta is laid on a dish with shrimp and placed on top with prepared bochemel sauce۔ If required, add cherry and basil leaves when serving۔

Seafood cocktail with pasta and cream with mushrooms

The step-by-step preparation of this dish is as follows۔

Pasta is traditionally boiled۔

Seafood (500 g) is fried in the pan in the oil۔ It's just important that they don't forget to defrost in advance۔

Garlic (3 pcs. ) And mushrooms (200 g) are fried in another pan۔ They should also be cut in the first plates or in any easy way۔

Move the ingredients before the second pan۔ 250 ml of cream is added۔ The sauce cooks until thick۔ You also need to add salt and spice to it۔

The sauce is mixed with pasta۔

Now seafood pasta ( is not difficult to prepare it as directed, you can see for yourself ) is laid on plates۔ Also you can spray it with cheese۔