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Jelly Cake - Delicious and original ideas of plain and beautiful dessert

 The jelly cake attracts its bright appearance, as gelatin can be taken to different bright colors to prepare it. You can add any fruit, nuts and berries to the dessert. It's very refreshing in the heat, and to make this wonderful dish, sometimes you don't have to cook anything.

How to make jelly cake؟

Cake with jelly can be done in different ways, the main thing is to maintain two ingredients: jelly mass and base، And the rest is already the choice of host:

Jelly can be made with the help of water-dissolved gelatin, it can be done in conjunction with nectar, syrup or juice or ready jelly.

Biscuit or baked ( Backcut or sand base cake is jelly cake without baking without ) .

Base, fruit, nuts, fields other than or without candied fruit, creamy, careful.

Jelly cake "broken glass"

Jelly cake:

A cake made of jelly "broken glasses" can become important at a festival, for example a new year table, because it just sounds amazing! Cooking takes a moment, about an hour, and a little effort, so this dish can be done with children. On a flexible base behind the form, it is recommended to heat with the balacre.


Hata Cream - 300-400 g؛

Chinese - 120 g؛

Gelatin - 20g؛

Jelly - 4 holes؛

Biscuit Cake - 1 PC.


Each jelly packet gets stuck in different shapes.

Allow cooling.

Optional resulting in massive cut ( This is the future of "fat glass" ) and put in a deep bowl.

Mix citrus cream, sugar, gelatin, wick.

As a result of mass filling the jelly cube.

After two hours, keep the bowl as, put it in biscuits. Remove the dish.

Jelly cake with fruit and sour cream:

Cake with jelly and fruit, cooked on sour cream, a few calories, but very useful substance. They can take the summer festive table to decorate, because the delicate light is juicy and tazi. It can be prepared without the use of the test, and the fruits can be combined and the instructions can be made better and more interesting. The jelly cake with pearls looks beautiful.


Gelatin - 3 space؛

Citrus Cream - 900 g؛

Vanilla - 10g؛

Chinese - 1 cup؛

Descuts can - 1 can.


Hit sour cream, sugar, vanilla.

Spread into gelant in a water bath. Allow to cool and add whipped mass.

It also includes pepper mosquitoes.

In a mold, add jelly as a result and allow cooling.

Garnish with peaches.

Jelly cake with biscuits without backs

Jelly cakes with cookies will be satisfied with the fact that it does not have to cook anything special. It is designed without much effort, but it looks very angry and like children. For treatment, different types of jelly are suitable, but you can make more "cuts", then it will also look more attractive.


Field cream 450-500 g؛

Short black cookie - 230 g؛

Butter - 100 g؛

Chinese - 120 g؛

Cottage Cheese - 150 g؛

Gelatin - 15g؛

Jelly - 2 packs؛

Lemon - 1 PC.


In a blender, grind backband cookies.

Add hot oil to it.

As a result, make a large amount of flour, divide it into a cake in the form of confectionery and let it cool.

Cottage, sugar, sour cream

As a result of flour in the same form, add it to the cold.

Prepare jelly from a sacred. Put in the mold. The same thing is repeated with the other jelly sacred.

Cake cake

Cottage jelly cake:

Cheese cake with jelly and fruit is a real search for people who can't stand on stew and oven. Baking is not here, but only healthy milk products - cottage cheese, citrus cream and no less useful fruit ( no one is). This dish is a "flip flop", it starts with the layer, which later becomes the top of the dessert. Jelly cake with orange, banana and kiwi is very unfortunate.


Cheese - 400 g؛

Citrus Cream - 400 g؛

Gelatin - 35-40 g؛

Kiev Fruit - 2 pcs.

Orange - 1 piece؛

Jelly with orange flavor - 1 pack؛

Banana - 1 piece؛

Biscuit Shorted Cookies - 120g؛

Chinese - 100 g؛

Vanilla Chinese - 20 g.


Cut into strips slices and put it under the mold.

Deliver the jelly, throw the saints and put them in the refrigerator.

Leave gelatin for half an hour for dissolution and swelling in 100 mm of water.

Prepare flour with cheese, sour cream, two types of sugar.

Then add gelatin.

Cut the cue and bananas and add the resulting mass.

Put as a result of mold.

Up with a piece of cookies.

Leave in the jelly cheese cake in the refrigerator at night.

Jelly cake with biscuits

Jelly cake with biscuits and fruits is happy with an unusual taste with a slight taste. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. The easiest thing is that you can't cook sponge cakes yourself, but buy store-made people، It saves a lot of cooking time. A beautiful jelly cake is made from strawberries and bananas - it's a winning collection.


Biscuit Cake - 1 PC.

Lemon juice - 10 mm؛

Banana - 2 pieces؛

Gelatin - 10g؛

Strawberries - 200 g؛

Citrus Cream - 140 g؛

Vanilla Sugar - 20g؛

Chinese - 100 g؛

100 mm water.


On a slow fire, get water from the sugar until it is surrounded.

Download syrup, add lemon juice.

Slow the liquid as a result with a prepared biscuit.

Throw the gelatin and put the cut fruit.

Add large-scale whipped cream and vanilla sugar.

Put everything on biscuits and shells 3-4 hours.

Sand cake with fruit and jelly:

Sand cakes with jelly are many fans. The delicate short dough melts in the mouth, and the jelly is largely happily fresh, so it can be ready for summer vacations. Other fruits with kitty and vitamin C are suitable for this dish in winter. A seasonal fruit and berries can be used and it diversifies the traditional guide for jelly cakes.


Chinese - 50 g؛

Flour - 250 g؛

Eggs - 1 piece؛

Butter - 80 g؛

Gelatin - 10g؛

Orange - 2 pieces؛


Heat the oil, grind from the sand.

Eggs, add flour and dry grass.

Bake in shape with pearls for 15 minutes in 180 minutes.

One from the juice of the orange extract, and the other cut.

Mix juice with dissolved gelatin.

Fill with fruit, jelly liquid to put out on the cake.

Chocolate cake with jelly:

The recipe for cakes with jelly and chocolate is the most delicious with strawberries. Its sweet and sour taste shows the taste of sweet chocolate. The flour can be sand, but the best way to make biscuits or buy cooked cakes. Instead of cocoa powder you can melt the chocolate bar prepared.


Eggs - 2 pieces؛

Chinese - 100 g؛

Cocoa - 3 tablespoon. l.

Dough - 100-120 g؛

Gelatin - 10g؛

Strawberry syrup or mixture - 300 mm؛

Strawberries - 400-500 g.


Divide gelatin with writing. Let's stay

Add eggs, Chinese defeat cocoa, flour, mixture.

Put the dough in the mold for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

In two parts the cake kit to cover each of them with strawberry berries in the finished ground.

Put a layer of strawberry jelly between the cake.

Jelly cake with orange

Jelly cake

The recipe for cake with orange jelly is not very easy, but this Nabod will not leave any innumerable: Sweet is the top of a bright orange and makes the eyes happy. And you can add orange bits to the jelly part of the biscuit flour itself or dish. It is recommended to make a sweet dessert before serving the table, as well as to be fine.


Dough - 150-200 g؛

Chinese - 250 g؛

Eggs - 3 pieces؛

Salt - ¼ Space؛

Hata Cream - 180-200 g؛

Gelatin - 10g؛

Orange jelly - 1 pack.


Hit the eggs and 150 grams of sand.

As a result, eat flour with a massive thin challenge, while continuing.

Add flour for 15 minutes in flour ( Recommended temperature is 170 degrees).

Hata cream, along with the rest of the sugar and the dissolved gelatin.

Put the mold on the cake of the already cooled biscuits.

Prepare orange jelly and add to the form.

Jelly and yogurt cake

Jelly and yogurt cake

The jelly yogurt cake will decorate the table, but does not bother the data, as yogurt contains very few calories. If this protein is initially separated from people, they will become more delicious, and others can be separated from sugar separately، And just mix after that. So baking will be very soft.


Eggs - 3 pieces؛

Flour - 150 g؛

Chinese - 120-150 g؛

Strawberry yogurt - 1 L؛

Gelatin - 30g.


Until the jaw was formed, the egg defeated the sugar.

Add flour to Ulix, mix. Put protein mass.

Well stirred and put in oven (180 degree) for half an hour.

Divide gelatin in the water with yogurt.

Put in a bowl and freeze it.

Then the full yogurt is massively placed on top of the finished biscuits