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12 flowerless methods of making pizza

 12 flowerless methods of making pizza


When the USDA released a report on pizza, however ، They found that 13% of us were eating Italian imported shields any day۔ ( And that number reaches 26% of boys between the ages of 6 and 19.) It contains 250 pieces of each pizza۔ Second . Although we can tell you that calorie-laden oil and salted fats have no place in a flat-patented diet of malnourished bread ، We are not going۔ Yes, you heard us right۔ Pizza does not need to be completely abandoned to stay healthy and lose weight۔ All you have to do is meet together۔

You probably didn't know that, but some food has some food benefits۔ In the same study, USDA researchers found that pizza on pie-eating days in general made us 37% of bone building calcium ، Our sa% of our muscle filling protein provides 30% and more than 50% of our breathable fiber۔ The percentage of daily intake in our lycopene ( An antioxidant found in the tomato that showed the effects of anti-cancer in animals )۔ Watch؟ It's not all bad۔ All right, except flour۔

Because the pizza crust is usually made with refined flour, these carbs burn faster in your body ، Which increases your blood sugar۔ These nutritious calories offer some or more nutrients than the amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber in any 'slow-burning' whole food۔ In addition to constantly hungry, eating better grains increases the risk of belly fat, according to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .

So what about eating pizza in a healthy diet؟ Well, when it turns out, you don't need blood sugar spicking better flour to make delicious pizza۔ By changing the flour for any of these modern, healthy alternatives ، You can get in the habit of your pizza while maintaining weight loss efforts۔ Repeat your pizza layer using all grains, vegetables, beans and fruits full of one of these nutrients! And for more tips and conversions, check out us Carb lover's official guide to weight loss .


Portobello mushrooms

Delicious Pizza Portobello'

If you sweat regularly, this transformer does not do any brain function۔ Instead of flour, use Portobello mushrooms as your pizza base۔ On the same Portobello Temp Banana Potassium Front - electrolyte that plays a key role in hydration in our muscles and tissues and is also important for muscle health and rehabilitation۔ These portobelos are cleaned with garlic herbal oil and then number one with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and a sweet but sharp flasamic deficiency۔

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Without contaminated pizza cabbage'

The guide to alternative pizza crusts is the largest cabbage۔ This white veggie is amazing and crisp with a bite like a thin crust pizza۔ To make it, you'll just need a mixture of cabbage, cheese, an egg, and herbs! Expert advice: Lose the soaked layer by removing all the water from the cabbage before mixing۔ We love that this blogger makes these pizza mini because many cabbage pies lack the integrity of maintaining the normal slices of pizza۔ You can also follow this prescription using cabbage cousin, broccoli۔ Want more of this white source vegetarian؟ Here are 17 genocidal ideas related to the kitchen with cabbage .

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Without contaminated pizza quinoa'

Promote the amount of your protein from this quino crust۔ In addition to boasting all 8 essential amino acids, quinoa increases in health such as zinc, calcium, iron, rhibo flavine ، The heart is full of healthy fats and antioxidants found to reduce inflammation۔ If you didn't think it could be much better than that, wait until you can hear it: You will only need 5 basic components to remove it۔ Quinoa, water, salt, baking powder, and oil۔ Now you can fulfill the desire for pizza without a night for your delivery order۔

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Delicious pizza eggs'

Be honest. Most of us ate cold pizza for breakfast first۔ Unfortunately, its better carbs cause your blood sugar to fall well before lunch ، Which puts you more at risk of being uncontrollable during your team meeting on execution work۔ Herb pesto, iron-filled spinach, using this delicious ferritata in the rose to health, protein-filled eggs ، Use lycopene-rich tomato sauce, and predict mozzarella۔

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Sweet potatoes

Delicious pizza sweet potatoes'

This pizza has a polar opposite effect of high glycemic refined flour on your body۔ The concentration of sweet potato carotenoids helps stabilize the sugar level in your blood۔ Instead of their growing incidence and low insulin resistance, which prevents calories from turning into fat۔ And what's more, these sweet potato crusts use apple cider vinegar۔ Contains mostly acetic acid, Apple cider vinegar is shown to delay gastric emptying and slow the release of sugar in the bloodstream۔ This means that you will be able to fill and maintain energy levels longer than normal pie

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Spaghetti squash

Without contaminated pizza spaghetti squash'

It can't be like a thin crust pizza at all, but this spaghetti squash pie ( iron is just egg and spice ) very delicious۔ When you use spaghetti squash instead of flour ، To keep your blood glucose levels stable - not just your layer decreases on the glycemic index - but spaghetti squash vitamin A, folic acid ، And also more in microcontentants such as potassium۔ Bleach, white flour

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Delicious pizza lentils'

We love pulses for their nutritional density, low cost and amazing abilities.۔ From brownies and cookies to veggie burgers and dips, no food group can work in such extensive recipes۔ And now, you can add pizza to the list۔ Each of these pizza pizzas has about 1/2 cup of red lentils, which will provide you with protein, iron, copper, manganese and folate ، There is a B-vitamin shown to help promote memory efficacy۔ It will also give you a third of your DVD fiber۔ Thanks to its tripled effects, according to A ، In order to increase weight loss efforts, it may be sufficient to add more fiber to your diet . All you have to do is mix the lentils with water, garlic and spices, and then fry it in a pan۔

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Delicious Pizza Zachini'

The first zodels replaced the pasta, and now Zachini will replace your pizza۔ Now this recipe is not fruit at all in the sense that you mix zucchini in almond flour ، But we will calculate this because almond flour from wheat flour is far from the world۔ The amount of calcium in almonds is high, which can help the body burn as much as possible and keep low fat۔ They are also a huge source of magnesium ، It is a mineral that helps increase lean muscles and promote lipolis ( a process by which your body produces fat from its stores )۔ As zucchini has more doses of potassium, folate, vitamin C and eye protection vitamin A۔

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Unwearless Pizza Bengen'

You can only convert any vegetable with cheese and tomato sauce in pizza ، But we would like to say that eggplant is a tasteful way to try it۔ Not only are they sweet and filling, eggplant is also producing with chlorogenic acid, phenol antioxidants that crush free radicals fighting disease۔ Just brush each part of Obergen with olive oil and then grill over medium heat۔ Once grilled, add your toppings and cook!

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Raw banana

Plantine without contaminated pizza'

It doesn't make it easy and easy۔ For layer؟ That's just a plant, an egg, and some spice! The condition is that you did not know that pizza at home could be so easy۔ And if you ask us, we easily make a mistake on this plant-based pie for regular pizza۔ Make sure you choose the least cooked fruit for the pie because it will be more neutral than sweet۔ In the form of bananas, plants are more like sweet-start potatoes and their banana cousins also double their immune-strength vitamin C۔

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Chin without flour pizza'

In Mediterranean flavors, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and zucchini are at the top of this saka pizza۔ Soka is a traditional Greek pancake that eliminates its protein and fiber materials using chins instead of white flour۔ While you can buy it at stores, grind the dry chin in your blender and cut off your small flour base۔ Blend up to the ground as long as possible and then put the flour in the bowl through a sieve۔ Want more ways to get in your diet؟ Check out our 20 amazing, amazing ways to use the ching is # 18!

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Delicious pizza bat'

Who knew that eating pizza would increase your athletic performance؟ Well, if you make this pie, it will be exactly what! It is made with beetroot, a veggie shown to increase the blood flow in the muscles, especially 'fast lubrication' Muscles that affect speed and strength, according to a study at Kansas State University۔ Another study, published in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietics, found that before 5K, the sons run five percent faster by baked food ، The result is attributed to bat nitrate, it is a natural chemical that increases endurance and lowers blood pressure۔ The instruction instead of flour is said, for some additional benefits, just any gluten-free flour such as chilling flour, almond flour ، Or collect coconut flour sub-ascently۔ Bat is one of the 25 best foods for a toned body .