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Which is better for your health: kofta or kebab؟

Which is better for your health: kofta or kebab؟

The kofta and kebab are two popular dishes, they are usually mentioned together and brought together on the tables, and they are mainly made of red meat, but now they are prepared chicken meat. Are they equal in the balance of health؟ And if you choose between them, what do you choose؟

The kebab is brought from the red pieces of meat that are cut into cubes and then spiced with spices, then grilled on fire or charcoal after they are described in metal skewers. And when it is made of chicken breast meat, it is called a "shish collar".

As for the kofta, it is made of ground red meat, which is mixed with other components such as parsley, onion and fat, and then grilled in a large tray, or a matrix on metal skewers. The prepared kofta of red meat is dark, while the prepared chicken meat - which is chopped - is light in color.

There are those who prefer eating kebab and others who prefer kofta, and these are the arguments of each team:

Kebab supporters:

Kebabs contain more red meat because it is not mixed with other ingredients.

When eating in restaurants, kebab reveals the meat used more easily, and shows whether it is of a good or bad type because the person eats it pure and can sense its taste and severity، But the kofta is chopped and then it covers the defects of the meat.

The shish collar - the kebab prepared from the chicken breast - is a good healthy option, as the chicken breast contains a small percentage of fat.


Cut the kebab into medium-sized pieces, not too big to lead to immaturity from the inside, or small, which leads to you getting dry and hard to chew


Kofta supporters: Kofta is easier to chew because it is chopped, especially for children and the elderly.

The kofta is better because adding other components, such as onions, parsley, and fat, gives it additional flavor and takes out the eating from the traditional meat flavor.

The kofta is a little easier or a cook because it is chopped and therefore does not require much on fire, just as the possibility of it being burned is less than the kebab that may burn from the outside while its internal parts remain raw and immature.

What is the chapter word؟

This depends on your taste and your preference. If you are a kofta lover, the words of the haters will not discourage you from eating it. If you are wandering with kebabs, the eyes of the envious will not keep you away from it.

But to get healthier kebab and kofta, we give you this advice:

Kebab lovers:

Use small veal that is soft so that it does not require cooking for a long time on fire, thus increasing the possibility of burning.

Cut the kebab into medium-sized pieces, not too big to lead to immaturity from the inside, or small, which leads to you getting dry and hard to chew.

Some advice climbing kebabs first and then grilling to reduce the time spent on fire.

Reduce salt use.


Do not add fat to the kofta meat mixture, as this increases calories and fats


Kofta lovers:

Do not add fat to the meat mixture, as this increases its caloric and fat content.

Wash parsley well before chopping and adding it to the meat, to reduce the risk of poisoning.

If you want to make the kofta mixture more soft, you can add the stolen and mashed zucchini, and thus the kofta becomes peaceful, but without additional calories.

Reduce salt use.

But if you love and love kebabs and kofta together, our advice is for you to save in your love for them and eat them, then moderation in everything is a duty and this also applies to kofta and kebab.