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This delicious and light dessert cake is made with items that are both useful and affordable: in its base, which includes fruit, gelatin, sour cream, and cottage cheese. This dessert of snow-covered fruit will brighten up the table. You can eat any fruit to your heart's content: Utilizing fruit that is both sweet and sour is beneficial. A dark biscuit containing cocoa or chocolate is added to the cottage cheese-sour cream base to increase contrast and saturation.

Dessert cake ingredients: 300 grams of sour cream; 600 grams of cottage cheese; 9 percent sugar; 150 grams of gelatin; 20 grams of vanillin; 1 bag of strawberries; 5 pieces

0.5 pieces of banana

Kiwi - 1 pc.

How to cook a dessert cake step by step Get the ingredients you need to make a dessert cake.

Products used to make dessert cakes Cottage cheese is a good choice because it is mild and can be dietary. But it will also happen, but it would be nice if there were no grains in it. Cottage cheese can be sweetened with vanillin.

 Cottage cheese with sugar and vanilla If the cottage cheese is too dry, mix it well with sour cream. Beat a blender or mixer as an alternative.

 When you add sour cream, it forms a homogeneous mass that needs about ten minutes to dissolve the sugar sand.

 whipped sugar-curd-sour cream In the meantime, to make the gelatin: empty it into milk, leave it for enlarging, and afterward warm it up as indicated by the guidelines until complete disintegration.

 Gelatin dissolves in milk. The gelatin mass should be well-blended with cottage cheese and sour cream after being brought to room temperature.

 Place the chilled gelatin mixture in a bowl with cottage cheese and sour cream. Wash the fruits, clean them if necessary, and cut them into thin plates.

 Cut fruits for a dessert cake The food film secures the appropriate container: In order to completely seal the prepared cake's bottom, the film's edges must extend beyond the tank's sides.

 Cake shape to secure the food film Sliced fruits is laid out in the tank capacity in the order that you like to draw on the cake's surface.

 Chopped fruit in the shape of a cake Adds the gelatin mixture of cottage cheese and sour cream to the fruit.

 The fruit is topped with gelatin in cottage cheese and sour cream. A portion of the biscuit is crudely cut into layers; they will aim to form the bottom of the cake.

 The remaining portion of the chocolate biscuit was cut into cubes of varying sizes.

 Cubes of biscuit Place the biscuit cubes on top of the curd-sour cream mixture and add more of the mixture.

 Shapes of roll in the structure pour gelatin blend

On the off chance that there are additional berries or natural products, you can cut them and furthermore add them to the cake.

 Adding chopped berries to the dessert, pour the remaining mixture over the layers in the mold. It is desirable that it not extend 1 cm beyond the form's edge.

 Filling the gelatin mixture with berries from above and placing the biscuit plates, which will serve as the cake's bottom,

 Close the cake that was formed in this manner and place it in the refrigerator until the gelatinous-sour cream is completely seized.

 Closing the dessert film After about three hours, the dessert will freeze, and the container that holds it can be turned over to the surface where it will be served.

 Cake inverted Using the film, dessert can be easily removed from its frozen state.

 Prepared fruit cake for dessert The dessert cake can now be easily cut into portions and served at the table.

 Cute Dessert Fruit Cake Greetings, devoted readers!

 Today, I want to talk about the ideal dessert that only takes a short amount of time to make. This is a jelly cake made without fruit baking. does not necessitate a kneading test, baking cogs, or other oven-related pain. enough to soak gelatin, add the other ingredients, and store them in the fridge. It looks great on a table for New Year's Eve, in the summer heat, or on an autumn evening.

You can include seasonal fruits, frozen or canned fruits, chocolate, and other components.

I adore making this dessert with sour cream, but it can also be made with yogurt or curd. Jelly goes well with bananas and berries, but you can also make it with lime flavor or orange, for example.

The delicacy is carried out gently, not overly sweet, and has a pleasant fruit sourness that is consistent. Additionally, because jelly is regarded as one of the simplest sweets, you need not be concerned that a piece might alter the shape. The treatments fall under the PP (proper nutrition) category because of the abundance of fruits.

It is safe to serve at a holiday table because of its stunning white beauty and delicious flavor. Through the treats of several hours, but cooking it in the evening is preferable. It will precisely attain the necessary consistency after spending the night in the refrigerator.

A straightforward recipe for a fruit and sour cream jelly cake made without baking is the most important part of this dessert. Keep in mind that it cannot be heated to a boil and must still be completely dissolved in the liquid to prevent lumps. Strain the liquid through several layers of gauze if you are unsure whether the powder broke up completely.

You will require:

30 grams gelatin

0.5 glasses of water boiling;

400 grams of fat in sour cream. 10%;

2 peach;

250 grams of strawberry jam;

1 glass of blueberry juice;

1 cup of powdered sugar.

What to make:

1. Fill gelatin with boiling water, mix, and allow it to cool and swell.

2. Make the fruit: Cut the strawberries into small pieces and the peaches into four pieces.

3. Combine the powdered sugar and sour cream.

4. Pour the soluble gelatin into a thin stream while continuously stirring. There ought to be a homogeneous mass without contaminations and knots.

5. With a spoon, thoroughly mix the fruit into the sour cream mixture to ensure that it is distributed evenly.

Fruits and berries can take anything to their liking. Combinations of various colors will be interesting.

6. Put the tank in the refrigerator for at least three to four hours, preferably at night, and cover it with a food film

To get a delicacy from the structure, lower it for 10 seconds in steaming hot water. Cover the plate then flip it over. On top, I suggest enhancing it with ground chocolate or whipped cream.

"Fruit New Year" jelly cake served with a finished biscuit on a New Year's or another festive table must be a delectable dessert. It is true that he is unable to find a place in the stomachs of the guests, and in the end, the hostess is upset that her efforts did not succeed. Try making a treat from a pre-made biscuit if you were faced with a situation similar to this. It is very light and not too sweet, and even after a full meal, it disappears immediately.

Items required:

1 ready-made 300 g korzh biscuit;

400 grams of various berries and fruits;

200 grams of sour cream;

350 grams of sugar;

30 grams gelatin

five ounces of water;

1 g Vanilla.

Method of cooking:

1. Fill the gelatin with ice-cold, boiling water, mix, and let sit for 20 to 30 minutes for swelling.

2. Berries and fruits are washed and cut up.

3. Prepare the cream while the gelatin expands. Whisk the sugar and vanilla into the thick sour cream using a mixer.

If you beat the sour cream for an excessive amount of time, the oil may separate.

4. Lay the gelatin out in a skeleton, heat it up until it is completely dissolved, and let it cool.

5. Cut a ready-made biscuit into large cubes.

6. In the sharp cream combination, we continuously enter the cooled gelatin, continually whipping it with a blender to get a homogeneous mass.

7. The bottom of the form releases several layers of the food film (it's best to use the detachable). Fruit should be placed beautifully on the cake's bottom; keep in mind that the cake's bottom will eventually serve as the cake's riding surface.

8. Put biscuit pieces on top of a layer of fruit, then another layer of fruit, and so on until the ingredients are gone.

9. Shake the treat a little to evenly distribute the sour cream throughout the mass. Place it in the refrigerator for several hours and cover it with the film's free edges.

Turn the dessert over on the dish after it has frozen. Account to the film, it will be extremely basic.

Curd-jelly cake made with kiwi and sour cream at home A lot of sweet tech people probably love the cheesecake delicacy. It is a delicious, simple, and useful cottage cheese treat. However, it is difficult to prepare at home. I'd like to share with you a baking-free recipe for treats made with Kiwi slices that always come out perfectly.

Required fixings:

150 grams of sand biscuits;

Butter, 75 grams;

cottage cheese, 400 g;

Sour cream, 500 grams;

150 g of sugar;

20 grams gelatin

1 liter of water;

1 bag of sugar in vanilla.

From Kiwi, jelly:

10 to 11 kiwis, based on size, 4 150 grams of powdered sugar or 200 grams of sugar;

60 grams gelatin

150 ml of water.

photo-filled recipe with every step:

1. Cookies are melted into crumbs, cooled, and then crushed.

2. Spread the cookies out on the detachable form while shining the film and thoroughly wipe them down. For ten minutes, place the form in the refrigerator.

3. Fill 20 grams of gelatin with water, let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes, and then warm it up in the microwave or on the stove until it dissolves completely. Allow to cool down.

4. Combine the cottage cheese and sour cream with the sugar and vanilla and beat until smooth.

5. After the gelatin has cooled, add it to the curd and sour cream and mix well.

6. Spread the resulting cookie-based cream out.

7. Wrap the bottom of a bowl that has a diameter that is slightly smaller around the food film. Put it in the middle of the mass of curd and slightly scroll it down to where it meets the first crude from the cookies in the bowl. Put a design in the fridge for two hours.

Such an activity is important with the goal that in the focal point representing things to come cake is framed and extended for jam from Kiwi, and the cake ended up being delightful.

8. Warm the remaining gelatin to dissolve it after soaking it in water for 20 to 30 minutes.

9. Clean the Kiwi, cut it into pieces, and mix the puree with a blender until smooth. Bring to a boil with 150 grams of sugar. Mix in the gelatin thoroughly.

10. Eliminate the curds from the fridge and in the frozen developing, fill in a totally cooled jam from Kiwi. Put the dessert in the fridge for the night.

You can garnish the treat with creamy flowers and Kiwi slices while it is still warm. It transforms smoothly from white to green when cut. Try it; your guests will be stunned by its beauty!

My mother prepared a light and flavorful cake called "Broken Glass" with sour cream without baking. I thought the colored pieces in a light sour cream jelly made it look like a real piece of art. You can add any berries or pieces of fruit to it as an option. The dessert will be even more gorgeous and delicious. Everything is clearly explained in the video recipe.

How do you make cookies, condensed milk, and a straightforward jelly cake?

Sweets that are beloved by both adults and children include condensed milk and cookies. And if you combine them into a single dessert, you'll have a delicious cake that's perfect for a family tea party or a festive table. You can customize it to your liking by adding any additional ingredients, just like with other recipes.

You will require:

any sand cookie, 300 grams;

200 grams of sour cream;

Butter, 100 grams;

300 grams of sweetened milk;

1 pack (10 g gelatin);

1 tsp. sugar with vanilla

What to do:

1. In 0.5 glasses of boiling water, the gelatin will dissolve, causing swelling.

2. Butter is melted, the cookies are crushed into a small crumb, and they cool.

Any and bone can be taken by Cookies. such as foam milk, anniversary, or sugar.

3. The cookie is filled with cooled oil. Put into the structure spread out with foil or material. Distribute the mass along the bottom and sides with your hand to finish. A form with a diameter of 26 cm is here. Eliminate in the cooler for 30 minutes.

4. Acrid cream blend in with sugar and dense milk, take the blender. Gelatin is whipped continuously into the sour cream mixture after being heated until it dissolves.

Pour the cookies' crude cream over them, and let it sit for at least two hours—better at night.

Classic Jelly Beach Cottage Cheese Dessert with Cookies A tender curd mass with a layer of cookies is another simple and insanely delicious delicacy. The taste and appearance are virtually identical to those of purchased sweets and even exceed them. It will take you a long time to persuade guests that this beauty was created by your hands, but they will be overjoyed.

Cooking ingredients include:

cottage cheese, 500 g;

200 grams of sugar

400 g acrid cream;

Cookies, 220 grams;

2 tbsp. gelatin;

fifty grams of chocolate

60 ml of water

Cooking process:

1. In a blender, thoroughly combine the sour cream, cottage cheese, and sugar. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes to completely dissolve the sugar.

2. Gelatin will redirect in 60 ml of cold water, leave for 10 minutes. After that, combine it and microwave it for 30 seconds before dissolving. Stir and allow to cool.

Some hostesses aren't up to the task of baking cakes for guests for hours on end. It sometimes occurs that time has passed and the guests are about to arrive. Making cake without baking with gelatin and fruit will help you deal with such a difficult situation. Because so many different recipes are now available online, choosing a delicacy will be simple. The components required for this dessert are straightforward, and purchasing them won't be difficult. What's more, to taste, some are better than customary cakes. Let's try to think of a few recipes.

Before you begin cooking with gelatin and fruit, you must select the fruit. Depending on the hostess's or guests' preferences, they can be any.

Beat 500 grams of sour cream and sugar to taste before dissolving the sugar.

Place 20 grams of gelatin in the pan, add 100 grams of ice-cold water, and let stand for at least 30 minutes.

Gelatin is dissolved without bringing to a boil or stirring constantly in the pan after the expiration.

Combine whipped sour cream and gelatin.

We chose a deep shape; you can use a salad bowl or a plate that fits the shape. Apply food film to it and lay out pieces of any fruit to scratch it.

To put a biscuit in the fruits, break it into pieces, and then repeat the layers.

The sour cream mass is poured over everything at the end.

Cake made with gelatin and sour cream must be refrigerated for two to three hours, preferably, so that the jelly can freeze. The dessert must be turned over on a flat plate before being served, and the nutritional film must be removed. Everyone will enjoy this cake with gelatin, sour cream, and fruit.

Fruit gelatin cake can be made without baking using the following ingredients:

1 banana.

One kiwi.

Two apples.

Five pieces of apricot.

Strawberry berries

A raspberry flash.

Sour cream, half a gallon.

30 grams of gelatin

Sugar, one cup.

100 grams of the finished biscuit.

Bake them ahead of time or purchase ready-made biscuits. Fill the gelatin with boiled water that has been cooled and keep it there for thirty minutes for swelling. Lay the berries and fruits out on a paper towel after being washed and cleaned. Fruit should be cut into large pieces, and the berries should not be touched but rather added to the dish. Cut the biscuit into small pieces. With the assistance of a blender, beat sugar and harsh cream. To perform better in the water bath, the gelatin must melt to a homogeneous mass after swelling.

Stirring to pour gelatin in acrid cream and massage well. Take a profound serving of mixed greens bowl or bowl, to be made the lower part of the food film and begin framing. There is no dream. You can begin with organic products, and afterward, add a bread roll and pour a little blend from harsh cream. Then, berries and a biscuit, and sour cream once more. The pattern looks beautiful when laid out on the ass's walls. The fact that the final layer is a sour cream mixture is the main thing.

Moreover, you must complete everything quickly: The mixture might become stuck. Cover the cake with the food film and place it in the refrigerator for two to three hours, or longer if you want, and it will taste even better.

From fruit with gelatin that doesn't need to be baked Gentle and delicious gelatin cake that doesn't need to be baked is great for any holiday. You can make such a cake for dessert only. Because cooking requires products that are always affordable and easy to use:

9% cottage cheese, 300 grams.

350 grams of sour cream.

Gelatin, 25 grams.

250 grams of sugar.

200 ml of water

One bag of vanillin

Two Kiwi things.

1 orange.

One mandarin.

In order to strengthen the cake's structure, we sieve cottage cheese. Mix in the sour cream and vanillin with a spoon. After that, we add more sugar and mix. In order to dissolve the sugar, we leave the resulting mass to stand for ten minutes. Using a blender, blend everything until the sugar has dissolved.

Fill the ass with cooled, boiling water and allow it to swell for approximately twenty minutes as the gelatin is poured in. Then, using fire and constant stirring, dissolve the gelatin. Blend the chilled gelatin into the cottage cheese mixture.

We drag the food film into the chosen shape and add the chopped fruit. We will cut fruit at your discretion to create a wall drawing. We add fruit to the cottage cheese mixture, then place the shape in the refrigerator to freeze for three hours on top of the remaining fruits.

Level plate to cover the shape with a cake and turn over, doing whatever it takes not to pamper anything. Clean the dessert by gently removing the film.

To make this kind of dessert, you need the following items:

200 grams of favorite cookies;

1 liter of milk;

3 tiny bananas;

10 grams gelatin

Make a paste of butter.

400 milliliters of sour cream or low-fat yogurt;

3 tablespoons can substitute for one tiled chocolate tile. Cocoa utensils;

6 tbsp. Cups for sugar.

According to the label, it is gelatin that must be cooked. The chosen treat is tossed into the blender and toil, you can in any case utilize the kitchen cycle. The chopped liver is mixed well with melted butter.

We put the mass inside a roller shape, which turned out to be like tamping and sprinkling the top. We chilled it for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Add gelatin, sugar, cocoa, and milk to a saucepan and heat over low heat. We stir frequently until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Add sour cream or yogurt while stirring.

Bananas that have been purified can be cut however you like. Take the foundation out of the fridge. Bananas, stay on it, and pour the cooked mass over it. Put it in the fridge for three hours, or longer if you want.

Strawberry from crackers You'll need the following to make the cake:

2 kg of strawberry, which can be frozen.

Creamy 500 grams of sugar 200 grams of vanilla sugar 1 package

Chocolate black to decorate the cake 50 g, preferably in square form; alternatively, you can use a 500 g cracker. Strawberry to process, rinse, and dry. The remaining berries should be cut into thin slices, preferably after the best ones for decorating the cake have been put off. We thicken the mass by whipping sugar with the cream and adding vanillin. Depending on the cake shape chosen, crackers can be divided into several smooth sections.

Spread crackers with cream cheese on the prepared dish underneath the cake. strawberries were placed in pieces on top of the cream. Additionally, all layers repeat. The strawberry on the left is adorned with cream as the final layer. Melt chocolate by breaking it up. Melt in a water bath or put in the microwave. Pour the cake into liquid chocolate.

People who have such a wide range of cake recipes without baking can frequently be pleasantly surprised. Any mistress will be able to handle this because cooking is not difficult at all.

Happy Eating!

Attention, just now!

Low-fat, quick cake made with sour cream jelly. the primary recipe and design concepts.

Say gently that the sustainable expression "Bake" cake is out of date. Cakes that are made without baking are very popular today. Go to if you can't live without dough and are looking for a cake recipe that uses a pan. We'll show you how to make sour cream jelly without a biscuit drip in this article.

Recipe for a light sour cream cake This cake will be perfect in the summer heat when I don't want anything unnecessary, and after a big holiday meal, when I don't want to eat anything heavy or high in calories. Moreover, a small portion of this mellow and refreshing delicacy can even be afforded by girls who are constantly dieting ().

The method for making this dessert will get even the sluggish hostesses and young culinary hostesses who are just starting out in the kitchen involved.

Products will be required in order to bake a large cake without using sour cream:

a gallon of sour cream;

3 to 4 tablespoons of gelatin (the more gelatin, the less fat in the sour cream);

1 quart of sugar;

sugar or vanilla extract.

Within forty to fifty minutes, gelatin is completely soaked in a glass of cold, boiling water. After that, they dissolve the dishes in a water bath until they are homogeneous by immersing them in hot water.

The sour cream ought to be good. Gradually add sugar or sugar powder (if your mixer isn't very powerful, take powder). Desserts can build how much sugar 1.5 twice. After the gelatin mass has cooled, you need to add vanillin here.

You can do anything with the jelly basis that results. With only a basic recipe at her disposal, she can effortlessly produce a variety of masterpieces each time. We give you a couple of suggestions, and afterward - turn on your creative mind and make!

Ideas for making a jelly cake Divide the resulting mixture into two parts, combine them with one cup of cocoa, and then quickly spread the unfrozen jelly out in the shape of a spoon: Spread white sour cream on a spoon, then brown. Consequently, it turns out to resemble a zebra pie. Cocoa can be added to 1/3, making the dark strips stand out more.

Partition the sharp cream jam into a few sections and add a splendid color to every one of them. Lay out the cream layers, taking the form out of the refrigerator for a while. Make sure the remainder does not freeze.

Pour a small amount of fruit jelly into the mold's bottom and chill it—fruit jelly is easiest to buy in a store. Spread over the frozen layer of strawberries, peaches, raspberries, oranges, or other berries. Pour the remaining jelly carefully to prevent the drawing from breaking. It's better to pour just enough to glue the berries, let it freeze, and then pour more. Pour sour cream jelly over the fruit base and allow it to harden.

Have to have a biscuit in your life? Cut the biscuit into pieces and mix them with the sour cream for a more delicate cake. Use it for the bottom and layer.

Are you against a stove? Cut the finished biscuit roll into pieces with care. Lay out the sides and bottom of the biscuit circles, covering the bottom of the film bowl. You can use pineapple circles instead of biscuits on the bottom and pour transparent or fruit jelly over them. Pour sour cream jelly into the resulting hole and allow it to thoroughly freeze. It turns out a fascinating turtle that should be possible.

Diet? Sit? Pour the mixture into fruit-shaped silicone molds and top with a jelly mass. Turn the mold over once it has frozen, and then serve the pretty, light cakes to the delicious cup on the table

300 grams of biscuit, which is sold as-is in the store;

10% sour cream, half a liter;

half of the water in the glass;

a sugar-filled glass;

3 gelatin spoons for lunch;

any fruits and berries

The jam cake is turning out to be extremely basic, simply stick to the accompanying bit-by-bit suggestions.

The root of a biscuit splits into small pieces. I typically use 2 to 4-centimeter slices from his hands. Try not to need to utilize the acquisition of a cake? After that, you'll need to bake it according to any recipe; the most important thing is that it's airy, soft, and fresh.

Gelatin and water are combined in a separate container. The subsequent fluid is left for thirty minutes.

In a water bath, the gelatin tank is placed. Wait until all of the gelatin grains dissolve here.

At this point, heat with sugar in a separate bowl of sour cream.

Sour cream is poured with a thin stream of gelatin.

Natural products wash and cut into little pieces. To ensure that the dessert looks spectacular, I typically choose bright fruits. Sliced fruits that have been purified can be placed in a layer that is smooth and thin.

A food film covers a deep bowl without corners. Pieces of fruit, a biscuit, and fruit are placed next to the container layers. Therefore, you must continue layering all of the ingredients, with biscuit serving as the final layer.

Do you like bright and interesting desserts? Then, different colors can be created by each fruit layer. For instance, use strawberries in one layer, kiwis in the second, and bananas in the third. Moreover, I believe that if the acidic fruit is sprinkled with sugar powder in a small amount, nothing bad will happen to our figure, and the mood will significantly improve!

Subsequent to laying every one of the fixings in the bowl, sharp cream souffle is flawlessly poured.

The cake is then frozen for three to four hours in the refrigeration chamber.

Simply flip the dessert over to the serving plate to remove it. It will not stick or crack when the food film is used.

In some cases because of the sharp cream, a fairly thick cream is gotten, which is hard to enter all-natural product bread roll layers inside the cake. I advise him to pour as the primary ingredients are placed if you have precisely such a cream

Gelatin can be used for more than just food!

Gelatinous strawberry cake in the image: Tantalizing strawberry cake on gelatin

For the arrangement of the pastry, it will be essential:

six ounces of sour cream;

200 grams of sand with sugar;

Instant gelatin, 20 grams;

"anniversary" cookies, 120 grams;

400 grams of new strawberries;

200 grams of strawberries that are frozen;

a quarter of a glass of hot water.

Recipe with pictures:

The frozen berries are placed in a deep plate and left to defrost on their own. Because thermal processing significantly alters the taste quality of the berries, I do not recommend using the microwave for these purposes.

The frozen strawberry is given 50 grams of sugar, and everything is put in a blender and crushed.

Gelatin is soaked for forty minutes in the water in a separate container.

Dry, fresh strawberries separated from green tails were washed. And afterward, each berry cuts into dainty cuts.

Cookies are broken down into small pieces and put in a blender, where they become small granules. It is not necessary to participate in the grinding process because cookies that are ground to an excessive consistency will succumb to the gelatin cream and lose their shape.

Sugar and whipped sour cream make up the mixer. The sour cream must be made to a lush consistency. Keeping the sugar completely dissolved is worthwhile.

After gelatin is dissolved in a water bath, it turns into sour cream in a thin stream. Everything is laid out with care.

Cookies are laid out in the shape of silicone. To maintain the cake's shape, it's critical to catch this layer carefully. You can accomplish this with the dining spoon.

The jelly cream is poured over the cookie using sour cream (30 percent of the total volume).

Then, at that point, the layer of strawberry jam with a modest quantity of berry cuts is stacked.

Sour cream is added to the remaining jam before it is poured over the berry layer.

The leftover cuts of new strawberries are spread out on top of a wonderful decoration.

The form is kept in the refrigerator for four hours.

How can the dessert that comes out of the form be taken out? Very easy: After being portioned out, the frozen cake needs to be submerged for a few seconds in hot water. The cream will abandon silicone walls and each piece easily can be acquired by a normal digging tool.

If you don't want to rush, I recommend refrigerating a cake overnight to give it a more elastic and dense structure. The dessert can be revealed to fantasy while being cooked: For instance, divide the cooked sour cream or curd cream into two parts and add a few cocoa spoons to one of them. The zebra cake will be produced if the resulting souffle is poured sequentially into the mold (first in white, then in chocolate). You can make use of special food dyes in the same way.